How to Know If a Guy Likes You

A woman smiling at a text while sitting at an outdoor cafe table.A woman smiling at a text while sitting at an outdoor cafe table.

A guy who likes you might not actually come out and say it, which means it's often up to you to interpret a variety of subtle -- and, often, not-so-subtle -- hints that he's interested. Notice how he interacts with you, look for verbal clues, monitor his body language and watch for a number of other assorted hints and you'll know whether it's time to share your feelings with him.

He Initiates Interaction

The frequency that the guy initiates contact is a telltale sign that he's interested. When you're apart, note whether he keeps in regular communication, either by phone, email or text message. If you see each other during the day but he initiates correspondence when you're apart, it's likely that he's interested in you. Beware that some types of correspondence don't necessarily mean he likes you. Humorist Jake Hurwitz warns in "Cosmopolitan" magazine that if the man in question frequently uses Facebook messaging, he might just be bored.

His Words Speak Volumes

Even if the guy doesn't come right out and say that he likes you, how he speaks with you can reveal his feelings. Showing that he's listening to you by making appropriate comments on your stories, and remembering the details thereafter, demonstrates that he values your conversations. Simple compliments, such as, "That dress really brings out your eyes" or "That hairstyle is fun" can also indicate his heart's feelings. Nonprying questions, such as asking about your weekend plans, what music or food you like, what you enjoy as hobbies or if you're dating anyone, are also indicators that he might like you.

His Body Language

A guy's body language is a subtle indication of his feelings. If he leans toward you when you speak or makes eye contact, he obviously has interest in your words. Mirroring your body language is also a sign that he wants to connect. Casual touches, such as gently putting his hand on your arm or shoulder during a greeting or initiating contact during a conversation are all important body language clues.

Other Assorted Details

A wide range of cues can indicate that a guy likes you. If he invites you out with his friends, asks to hang out with your friends or suggests activities to enjoy exclusively with you, you're getting hints that he's interested in you. His demeanor might change around you, too. If he's stressed or upset, he might lighten up in your presence or, depending on his personality, he might be more sensitive and introspective when he's with you. Some guys will also act nervously around the person they like.

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