How to Know if He Is in Love or on the Rebound

When someone ends a relationship, he usually goes through a rebounding stage. At this time, he's not looking for anything serious. Instead, he's looking for someone to have fun with until he gets over his ex. These steps will help you determine whether he’s in love or just rebounding.

How to Know If He Is In Love or on The Rebound

Find out how recent his last relationship was. This is a key step in determining whether or not a guy is on the rebound. Steer clear of anyone who has ended a relationship in the past three months. These guys are usually looking for some fun to help them deal with their break-up. It’s unlikely that he will want to go from one serious relationship right into another.

Evaluate how he treats you. If he constantly wants to be intimate, but doesn’t want to take you out on a real date, then he is definitely rebounding. A guy who is not on the rebound will want to spend time with you whenever he can. It won’t always be about physical relations.

Listen to how he talks to you. If a guy is interested in you, you’ll know it. If he rarely mentions anything about the two of you, or constantly introduces you as a friend, then he’s rebounding. He enjoys your company but isn’t ready for a commitment.

Pay attention to how often he mentions his ex. If a guy mentions his ex at all, he isn’t over her. It doesn’t matter if it’s a negative or positive comment about her. Either way, it’s bad news. If someone mentions something repeatedly, it’s weighing on his mind. If he doesn’t mention her, it’s likely he’s over her or almost over her.

Ask your friends. If all else fails, and you can’t reach a conclusion, ask a trusted friend for her opinion. Make sure this is a trusted friend and not a notorious drama queen. You want an objective point of view.

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Things You Will Need

  • -close friend
  • -the ability to observe
  • -the ability to be honest with yourself
  • -the ability to walk away if he is rebounding


  • If he’s not over his ex, it’s a good idea to take a step back from the situation. You don’t want to be with someone who is pining away for someone else.


  • Trying to forge a relationship with a guy who is on the rebound is a big mistake. You’ll end up getting hurt in the long run.

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