How to Know the Rules of Dating for Women

There are some rules you need to know before you venture into the big, bad world of love and dating.

Don't cut or color your hair at the beginning of a relationship. Your new love interest might be nice about it, but he won't like it.

Wear whatever you want - just wear it well. Don't try to squeeze your size 10 body into a size 2 dress. Be proud of who you are.

Say what you mean. Subtle hints are scary and are often misinterpreted.

Remember, your date can't read your mind.

Find out who does the laundry. If a guy's old girlfriend or his mom is sorting his socks, you'll know he's not ready for a relationship.

Don't be too available. Men are hunters, remember?

Don't talk about your ex, reveal your deepest darkest secrets, complain a lot, or interrupt - and don't tolerate that kind of behavior from your dates.

Be yourself. No bragging, no lying - you'll get busted sooner or later.

Tell your date what you like about him. Stroke that ego a little, will ya?

Be considerate ' for example, call if you'll be late. Expect the same from your date. And if he doesn't deliver, get rid of him. You deserve better.

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  • Don't drink too much on a date. Of course, you're nervous - but you're also sloppy and talk too much when you do that.

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