How to Know if Someone Likes You

The signs that someone likes you are evident if you know how to watch for them.The signs that someone likes you are evident if you know how to watch for them.

Someone who likes you, either as a friend or with a romantic interest, might not come out and declare her feelings. Even if she's not as blunt as saying, "I like you," it's usually easy to read how she verbally and physically interacts with you. Often, someone's demeanor around you can provide more than a subtle hint that she enjoys being in your company.

Watch the Body Language

A person's body language can provide a clue that he likes you as a friend or as someone he might wish to date. Watch to see if the person leans toward you as you speak, maintains comfortable eye contact or even initiates physical contact, such as a pat on the arm, a high-five or a casual hug. Mirroring body language, which describes the process of subtly copying your posture, is also a sign that the person wishes to connect with you.

Listen for Subtle Hints

A variety of verbal indicators can let you know that someone likes you. Watch for the person to initiate contact via mediums such as phone calls, emails or seeing you at school or at work and engaging you in a chat. Laughing at your jokes, showing empathy with your struggles and being complimentary are all signs that someone might like you. Notice if the person looks for excuses to talk to you, acts in a different way in your presence or teases you gently.

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