How to Know When You're Over Him Or Her

Relationships are emotional and tough to get over. Depending on how serious the relationship was or the reasons for choosing to end it, it can take some time before you’re able to completely let it go and move on. Here are some ways to know when you’re over him or her.

How to Know When You're Over Him or Her

Give yourself an adequate amount of time to deal with the ending of the relationship. Some people are able to bounce back from break-ups relatively fast while others take longer to get over their ex. Allow yourself to cry and release any sad emotions you have because of the relationship.

Refrain from calling your ex or trying to contact them in other ways. If you’re still trying to contact them, more than likely you are not completely over them yet and a part of you could want to rekindle what you had. Also, don’t accept any calls or contact from your ex.

See if you can look back at the relationships and see the rights and wrongs on both sides. If you’re bitter and still have negative feelings about the relationship or the break-up, you’re still not over it. Even if you know that you do not want to try to rebuild the relationship, harboring negative feelings about it will still keep you from being able to move on completely.

Notice when you no longer feel as though you need to have that person around you. When you’re fine being away from their presence or don’t long to feel their touch or kiss, it lets you know that your feelings for them have changed and you’re no longer attached to them.

Try dating other people and see how you feel about it. If you’re happy dating others and don’t compare the people you date to your ex, it’s safe to say that you have moved on from them and are ready to start a new beginning with someone else.

Pass the ex test. If your ex contacts you and says that he or she wants to get back together and they realize they made a mistake, your response will let you know if you’re over them or not. If you go back to them then that shows that you have not yet gotten over them. If you’re able to tell them no and stick with it, that shows that you have gotten over them.

Accept the fact that all relationships are not going to work and that person was not the right one for you. Don’t think that just because that relationship failed, that a better one isn’t yet to come. Once you’ve been through the grieving period and moved on to acceptance, you can move forward to recovery and eventually another relationship.

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