How to Land a Rich Woman

If you are a good-looking young male looking to have a little fun with a rich woman, you should know some basics. Rich women are generally in the mid 30s and up, and they're most likely to be wealthy from their professional work. However, there are also rich women who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and those who married wealthy. Your chances of landing a rich woman will increase if you look out for a few things.

Spot a rich woman by paying attention to the way she dresses and looks. Most wealthy women like to dress to show their success. They also tend to drive nice cars. Wealthy women are also used to being pampered, so it's most likely that their nails and hair are done to perfection. Although this is not true for all, it applies to about 80 percent of cases.

Approach a rich woman in a casual manner. Do not use a pick-up line, unless you feel that it will add to your charm—but keep in mind that most rich women have probably heard everything under the sun. Be personable and nonchalant.

Compliment a rich woman on her personality traits, not on her clothes or other possessions. Rich women are used to compliments that come along with their perfect appearance, but it may catch them off guard if you compliment them on their nice smile or funny stories.

Leave room for mystery. Don't put everything out there on the table right away. Let a rich woman try to figure out who you are and what your intentions are. Playing hard to get (to some degree) may be beneficial when you're trying to land a rich woman who is used to getting everything she wants.

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