LDS Dating Guidelines

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon church, is a sect of Christianity that bases its teachings on the Book of Mormon. Followers of the church adhere to moral guidelines regarding dating and romance.

Physical Affection

The Latter-day Saints teach against lustful kissing or any other form of overt affection between unmarried men and women, such as petting or necking. Any violation of this teaching is considered sinful. The church teaches that premarital sex is sinful and prohibits it.


Dating attire should be modest for both sexes. Church leaders particularly caution females not to wear short skirts.

Dating Age

The Latter-day Saints frown on serious dating before the age of 16 for both males and females. Teens and young adults are prohibited from dating during their mission years. Mormon leaders encourage group dates instead of one-on-one dating.

Dating Non-Members

The Latter-day Saints urge followers to date members of the church. Only church followers can marry in a holy temple wedding. The church believes that a couple who marries in a temple wedding has an "eternal marriage," a blessing that is not received by an LDS member who marries a church outsider.

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