How to Learn The Rules of Online Dating

When a person has been out of the dating scene for many years, online dating provides a way to meet people and see if there is some compatibility before even meeting them in person. As in, the real world of dating, online dating as well has some rules, which need to be followed so that the seeker stays safe and finds a partner who is compatible with the seeker. Learning the rules of online dating is essential for the millions of people who wish to join in the exciting possibilities.

Creating your profile is a daunting task for some people, but it need not be so challenging. When you create a personal profile on a dating site, be true and factual for if you do not then who can you expect others to be truthful. State your real age, real likes, let your personality shine through for the world to see.

Adding a real photo of you is a necessity, as some people believe that looks are important. Just make sure the photo is a current one of you, with no recognizable landmarks within the photograph. Your personal safety must be maintained always, so skip the photograph of you standing in front of a sign that says your town name or place of business. Opt instead for a photograph of you standing in front of trees or a studio photograph with a plain background.

Sending out personalized responses is necessary no one likes a canned response. When a person who does not seem compatible with you, kindly respond back that you got their message but you are keeping your options open. If someone writes you and seems worthwhile, write back and ask a few basic questions, encouraging a response. Remaining truthful in your responses and initial inquiries goes a long way in being successful on in online dating.

Emailing back and forth until you feel comfortable should remain within the dating site. After you feel comfortable, it is permissible to give that person your email address or instant messenger name. Talking with that person through email or an instant messenger program will help you to get to know the person a little better.

Emailing a person is fine for as long as you need to, but if the friendship and chemistry is strong enough at some point, you will talk about meeting in person to see if the chemistry is there. If you feel up to it, go ahead, and arrange a date in a public place for dinner, this allows you to meet and have a casual time without any expectations.

Agreeing to meet this person is public does not meet that you will marry them or even date them again. Your safety is very important so agree to meet at the public place in separate cars, and leave in separate cars. Be prepared to pay for your own check as you are only going out as friends for the first meeting. If the other person agrees to pay for dinner, that is permissible but to be on the safe side be prepared to pay for your own meal.

Relaxing during the meal and being casual can be stressful so just be you. If you are both yourself then the meal goes smoother and you can focus on getting to know each other better. After the meal depending on how it goes you are better able to determine if you wish to make another date or simple walk away.

I have included a quickly listing of some of the more popular online dating sites available for those single people. All online dating sites in this section have the corresponding links listed below the article.

Plenty of fish is a free dating site, which has been around for a few years and is one of the most popular ones. It is easy to find people local to your area, so when a meeting becomes a possibility you do not have to travel far. Many people including myself have found the perfect fish on this site, be cautious, as there are some suckerfish in there as well.

Yahoo personals is another online dating site that allows you to meet people in your local area, this is one of the first dating sites online. A free membership will allow you to post a profile, a send a flirt but to do more then that you must pay for a membership. This is a good site but it can get costly at almost $40 for a month long subscription.

American Singles is a nice site and is cheaper then yahoo personals at $29.99 a month for a basis membership. There are over a million members on this dating site with a large portion of that number from the United States. With a free membership, you can add photos, and add a detailed biography but no chatting or contacting members. You can do voice chat here on this site, which is great and less risky then a phone call but that only comes with a paid membership.

Eharmony advertises on television so it is well known and popular. A free membership is offered for the first 7 days of your joining and you can set up your profile and the 29-dimension profile part that is mentioned on television. If you want to continue with this site after the free membership ends or communicate with others on the site, it will cost you $59.95 a month. It might be worth the cost if you are seriously looking for a life partner.

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Things You Will Need

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Self-confidence
  • Email address


  • Maintaining honesty and integrity within any dating relationship, even online dating is a great way to enjoy life with a potential partner who may end up being the love of your life.


  • Never post personal information on a dating site such as your street address, full last name, or phone number.
  • Always meet in a public place such as a restaurant in your town.
  • Single women should remain in their local neighborhoods for safety purposes.
  • Arrive at the agreed upon location by yourself and leave alone after that first meeting.

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