How to Leave a Guy in Suspense

Show off your feminine mystique.Show off your feminine mystique.

It is no secret that man are drawn to and fascinated by mysterious women. At the other end of the spectrum, women tend to be attracted to mysterious men, as well. If a woman doesn't give too much about herself away, she will likely have a man coming back more and more, out of intrigue. If you want to accentuate your natural feminine mystique and leave men in suspense, there are several things that you can do to play up your mystery.

Don't speak a lot. To show off your mysterious side, the first step involves, quite simply, not speaking very often. The less you say, the more a man is going to wonder what exactly it is that you are thinking, which will not only leave him in suspense but will probably drive him crazy, too. Quietness is a rather notable quality in a world where most people really enjoy talking about themselves. Keep your mouth mostly shut to give off a sense of true mystery. Also remember, if a man directs a question at you, respond back with a brief and concise response.

Showcase your exciting and adventurous side. When you do talk, it is important to display what it is about you that is exciting, interesting, and knowledgeable. Hearing someone talk about her annoying boss or other mundane everyday topics is hardly mysterious or intriguing. Fascinate a man by detailing the month you spent living in the Spanish countryside or how much you enjoy reading Castilian Spanish literature from the fifteenth century. Make yourself stand out to a man by discussing things that other people typically do not know about.

Be unavailable. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to play hard-to-get. It simply means that you shouldn't always be at a man's beck and call. Make yourself a bit of a challenge in the beginning. If he text messages you, do not always write him back instantly. If he asks you what you are doing the next weekend, tell him you are not sure yet and that you might be busy. Strangely enough, it is human nature to appreciate things that are not always that accessible.

Be genuine. One natural method to approach for being mysterious is simply being yourself. The more authentic you are and the less you appear to care about what other people think about you, the more real, unusual and mysterious you will appear to a man. In this day and age of masks and reinvention, it can be very hard to find people that are 100 percent comfortable being themselves and being genuine. Show that you are happy and confident in who you really are.

Be inquisitive. In conversation, steer the topics away from your personal life. Keep the man occupied by doing all of the question-asking. Not only will it seem like you two had a great conversation, the man will walk away not having learned very much about you, which will likely keep him in suspense until he next sees you.

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  • Be unavailable, but not too unavailable. Walk the fine line. If a guy can never get a hold of you, he just might lose interest in the entire situation -- fast.

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