How to Leave a Lasting Impression to a Girl

Leave a Lasting Impression to a GirlLeave a Lasting Impression to a Girl

In an average lifetime you may literally meet hundreds of girls who will never remember who you are, where you came from or what your beliefs are. It leaves many wondering how they can leave a lasting impression on a girl. Leaving a lasting impression means you will be forever (or at least for a really long time) enshrined in that girl's memory, especially if it is a good impression. Venture with me as we explore how to leave a lasting impression on a girl.

Allow yourself to shine. Simply put, accentuate your best qualities, but make sure they are actually qualities you possess. No one, especially not the girl you are trying to leave a lasting impression on, will appreciate being tricked into liking something you are not. Be the best you can be without faking or hiding behind a façade.

Remember the beatitudes of dating. Upon your first scheduled meeting, be on time. Nothing says you don't care or won't have time for this girl more than being late. Use good posture when sitting as this will give off healthy vibes about your state of mind. You will also want to make sure that your body is facing her as much as possible because this sends strong body-language signals that you are interested in this girl.

Treat her like your best friend. It is important that you make this girl feel comfortable with you from the onset of meeting her. One of the best ways to do that is to let your guard down by being open in conversation and topics with her as you would your best friend. As long as you are not too pushy or edgy with you methods, she will feel at ease around you and enjoy being in your company. Remember that if your intent is to date her in the future, though, do not seem too muted to her or you may end up being stuck in the "friend zone" for the term of your relationship.

Catch her eye. Never, ever, leave the house without looking your best. Even if you are going to the grocery store to pick up a carton of milk, it is important to note that she may be there as well. In cases such as these if you aren't looking your best, your stock with her may fall dramatically. You should always "dress to impress," because nothing can put a twinkle in a girl's eye faster than a sharp-dressed person. Remember to pay attention to details such as shoes and other accessories like watches.

Listen to what she is saying. This is a step that many try to claim they are good at, but truly aren't. When you listen to what this girl is saying, you will often find that she offers up helpful information in your quest of leaving a lasting impression. Engaging in the conversation with well-thought responses or simply being able to recur what she has said will let her know you are listening. Once again, having open body language rather than just open ears is very important here. Face her without crossing your arms and legs, have good posture and seem intent on her every word as it trickles from her tongue.

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  • Smiles can go a mile in leaving an impression on a girl; be sure to smile during the time you two are together.


  • Refrain from bringing up too much information about past relationship unless it is a topic that she inquires about or brings up first. Even in the instances she does bring up past relationships first, harping on them will make you seem unable to cope.

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