How to Let a Girl Know You Love Her Without Telling Her

Show her that she is your everything.Show her that she is your everything.

When it comes to romantic relationships, actions definitely speak louder than words. It can be easy to tell a girl that you love her, but it means so much to actually show it, too. If you truly care about a girl and want to show her that she means the world to you and that you care for her deeply, there are many ways in which you can convey that to her.

Help her out in small ways.

Step 1

Help her out in small ways. Small and cute gestures of help can go a long way in letting your girlfriend know that you love her. Pack her lunch for work and leave it on the counter waiting for her as she walks out the door in the morning. Squeeze a dab of toothpaste onto her toothbrush so it is ready and waiting for her after she wakes up. Thoughtful gestures can be highly effective at showing someone that you love them.

Send her a photo of yourself.

Step 2

Send her a picture of yourself. When you are away from your girlfriend, whether it's for a week-long business trip or just for a long day at work, take a picture of yourself with your camera phone and send it to her via text message. Write a message that tells her that the picture indicates just how happy and appreciative you are to have her in your life.

Pen her love letters.

Step 3

Pen her love letters. Spontaneous love notes can do wonders for making a girl feel adored. Write her heartfelt letters and leave them in spots where she won't expect them, such as over the washing machine (she will see them when she goes to do laundry), in the kitchen cabinet and over the steering wheel in her car. Write her a romantic letter that will keep her smiling (and feeling loved) all day long.

Make her a priority in your life.

Step 4

Make her a priority in your life. If possible, never ignore her when she's trying to contact you. Show her that she's special by always responding immediately to her phone calls, text messages and emails, even if you would not do that for anybody else.

Be there for her.

Step 5

Be there for her. In life, it's impossible never to experience tough days. If she had a bad day at work or a huge fight with her best friend, be there for her. Hold her hand, allow her to vent her feelings to you and simply listen. Show your girlfriend that you truly care about her and her feelings.

Be encouraging.

Step 6

Encourage her. One way in which to display true love for someone is by being supportive of them. If your girlfriend is passionate about something, whether it's a hobby or a career choice, help her chase after it. Nourish her dreams, give her constructive advice and care about the outcome as she does. To show her that you love her, be on her team.

Make compromises for her.

Step 7

Make compromises for her. One way to really let a girl know that you love her is by making sacrifices for her. Watch "chick flicks" with her at the movie theater even if you detest them. Knowing that she likes them should be all that you need to be happy about the situation. Show interest in her hobbies and activities, whether it's knitting or hiking in the mountains. Let her know that you are willing to do anything to make her happy, which can be stronger than an easy declaration of "I love you."

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