How to Know if You Like a Girl

Sometimes relationships aren't as easy as they look on TV and in the movies. You can go out with a girl a few times and still not be sure if you like her in a friends or more than friends kind of way. Find out if you like a girl by following some of these steps.

Ask yourself how you usually think of her. Do you see her as someone you have a little fun with on the weekends or someone you want to kiss?

Pay attention to the way you feel when you first see her. If you start smiling or feel nervous, those are signs that you actually like her.

Consider the other girls in your life like your female friends. Does she fit into this category or do you want something more from her?

Think about how often you try to see her or just touch base with her. When you find yourself texting, calling or emailing her at least once a day, you definitely like her as more than a friend.

Spend time with her and realize how you feel when she's around. If all you can think about is spending time with her and being around her, then you like this girl.

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  • Don't hold onto a girl just because you think you might like her. Let her go if you're not into her and let her find someone who really does like her.


  • Never tell a girl you just aren't sure about your feelings. She might just walk away and find someone else while you're still unsure of how you feel.
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