A List of Ways to Tell a Woman Likes a Man

Eye contact is one way to tell that a woman is interested.Eye contact is one way to tell that a woman is interested.

It can be extremely difficult to read the signs and know if a woman is interested in you. How often have you mistaken a woman's friendship for being more romantic? A few clues will help her gauge your interest in you. Body language, her voice, and her general personality around you can be huge clues that she's interested in you. Pair those clues with the fact that she's calling you frequently or canceling plans to be with you, and you'll know without a doubt that she wants a romantic relationship with you.

Eye Contact

A woman says a lot with her eyes. Many times, she doesn't even know that many of her thoughts and feelings are being communicated with her eyes. For instance, pay special attention to whether a woman makes direct eye contact with you, instead of glancing around the room or looking at other people in the group. Even if she is not the type of person to look a person in the eye for long periods of time when speaking, she will still hold eye contact with you longer than she typically would. Also, if a woman's pupils dilate when she is speaking to you, this is another sign of interest. The direction of her gaze will also give you clues of her intent. If she glances at your mouth often, it is a sign of attraction as well.

Body Language

A woman's body language is a major communication tool. Notice whether she turns her body toward you when you're speaking, or even crosses her legs towards you. Also, if she sits closer to you than she would to a friend or acquaintance, it also could mean that she feels comfortable with you and has feelings for you. Even when a woman is standing in a group, she may turn her body in your direction without even realizing it.


Pay attention to the conversation between the two of you. Though some women are good at making conversation just to be polite, they cannot fake their romantic feelings for you. If she asks a lot of personal questions and shows a genuine interest in your answers, it means she truly cares about who you are as a person. Also, if she tries to extend the conversation, it means she wants to spend more time with you, which is also a sign of interest.

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