List of Things Guys Like in Girls

A high-angle view of a happy couple lying in the grass together.A high-angle view of a happy couple lying in the grass together.

Though many would think that guys like girls based solely on looks, it goes much deeper than that. How a girl looks may be the initial attraction that draws a guy to her, but whether or not he sticks around has to do with a longer list of personality traits. Mutual attraction plays a part in any relationship, but guys also look for some important characteristics when searching for a mate.


Chivalry may not be dead, but it looks different from how it did years ago. Guys like a girl who can fend for herself, think for herself and make decisions on her own. Financial independence is also an important factor, according to a 2008 study conducted by the University of Iowa, which concluded that modern men are looking for women who are good financial prospects. Dual income is good for many couples, if not necessary in today's economy, so a woman who is self-made goes a long way for many men in relationships.


Guys like a girl who is confident and self-assured. The woman who can enrapture a room full of people with heady conversation and a poised stance will likely gain men's attention. A girl's willingness to make the first move could be the scale tipper. The dating game has changed, and many men like a woman who feels assured enough to secure the date. Such an act shows him that she is able to flip the script or make tough decisions.


Gone are the days when guys were attracted to the silly girl who needed a man to do her thinking. Men desire a woman who is his intellectual equal -- thinking smart and creating her own success alongside him. Men tend to pride themselves on their decision making, so they need a partner who can help them make wise decisions. When women meet this criteria, they help their men enrich their lives.


Stability in a girl is an attractive trait to guys. Emotional stability, as well as financial stability, adds to the ultimate strength of a relationship. A guy may enjoy a roller coaster ride at an amusement park, but he prefers to avoid it in his relationship with a girl. Many men do not have the same skills at navigating emotions that women do, so a woman who has difficulty regulating her emotions may seem daunting to many guys. Having a firm foundation, in finances, goals, emotions or other areas definitely makes a woman more appealing to men.


Girls can be tough as nails when it counts, but guys also like when a girl exposes her soft side. Whether it is caring for an injured animal, consoling a heartbroken friend or simply being there for him when he suffers a setback, guys like a girl who can put the needs of others before her own. Men may need a woman who can help him get in touch with his feelings. Many men tend to look at emotions in more narrow terms than women, but could benefit from expanding their emotional lives and being exposed to good emotional models, such as many women.

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