How Long to Wait to Talk After a Breakup

Disagreements and other issues can resurface if you talk too soon.Disagreements and other issues can resurface if you talk too soon.

Following a breakup, it can be tempting to turn to your ex for attempted reconciliation, answers about why things soured or even friendship. Good timing is imperative, though. If you talk to your ex too soon, you risk re-engaging in a situation that ended for valid reasons, or, at least you might delay your healing process. Examining your emotional progress since the split will help you determine if you're truly ready.

Healing and Readjustment

Because a relationship can account for a significant investment of your time and energy, and can even represent a chemical addiction, a breakup can send you into withdrawal, according to clinical psychologist Suzanne Lachmann in “How to Mourn a Breakup to Move Past Grief and Withdrawal,” in “Psychology Today.” It is important not to reestablish contact with your ex while you are still mourning the relationship. If you did not feel ready for the relationship to end, giving yourself that “fix” of talking to your ex can prevent you from accepting the reality of the breakup. Even if you and your ex ended things amicably, you should allow an adjustment period in which you both become accustomed to life as single individuals again.

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