How to Look Confident for a Girl

If the party will include dancing, practice a few steps at home.If the party will include dancing, practice a few steps at home.

Nothing is sexier than someone who is confident and self-assured. Confident people come across as likable and positive. They are the people others want to be around. But confidence isn’t just something that happens overnight; it takes time and practice. There are a few tricks to looking or appearing confident, especially if you’ll be running into that special girl. So don’t fret, a few simple tricks and you’ll look confident for the girl of your dreams.

Step 1

Practice your posture. Confidence stems from your body language. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and imagine someone pulling a string right from the center of your skull up toward the ceiling. Pull your shoulders back and allow the rest of your body to fall in a natural, comfortable stance. Watch yourself in your mirror so you know exactly how you’ll look in front of the girl you want to impress.

Step 2

Practice relaxing nervous hands. Avoid drumming your fingers on a table or fiddling with your thumbs. Keep your arms relaxed and comfortably at your sides. Nervous gestures or mannerisms are dead giveaways for a lack of confidence. If you need something to do, lightly press your thumb to your middle finger. This will look relaxed and give you something to focus on, especially if you get nervous when you and the girl are talking.

Step 3

Practice breathing. Shallow, quick, breathing is a sign of nervousness. You want to take deep calming breaths and appear relaxed.

Step 4

Think of something highly pleasurable or funny prior to the event where the girl will be. It could be a joke that always makes you laugh, or a time that you had fun. Keep that memory or thought close by in your mind. When you see the girl you want to impress, pull that memory out and hold onto it. The thought will give you a natural, genuine smile. It will reach your eyes, giving you a nice twinkle and a positive look.

Step 5

Feel good about yourself. Take time to prepare for the event at hand. If you are attending a party where the girl of your dreams will be, then feel good about how you look. Wear appropriate clothing that fits your body. Make sure you are comfortable and that the clothing feels good on you. Take extra time to comb your hair and shave. Spritz on that expensive cologne, and you should be feeling better about yourself already.

Step 6

Avoid drinking any sort of stimulant — coffee, soda or alcohol. These drinks can alter that relaxed mood that you are aiming for. You want to be clear-headed and in control.

Step 7

Make eye contact. When you and the girl are speaking to one another, make sure to look directly in her eyes. This will show her that you feel confident in who you are and that are you not shying away.

Step 8

Think positive things. During the course of the event, mentally repeat positive affirmations to yourself. For example, tell yourself that you are relaxed, confident and likable.

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  • Do not mistake confidence with cockiness. Avoid laughing or talking too loudly.
  • Don't worry if you fumble when talking to your dream girl. Repeat your affirmation and try again.
  • If you'll be going on a date with the girl of your dreams, come up with some conversation topics beforehand.

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