How to Be a More Lovable Person

Be a More Lovable PersonBe a More Lovable Person

Everybody needs a little love at least. We all have lovable aspects in us too. Not everyone will be your cup of tea and vice versa. So there's no reason to change everything about you, just to please the minority. You don't need everyone to love you, like you, or want you in life. So don't feel so bad if not everyone understands you. Ignore the haters in life, there's always plenty. Being different is a good thing. It really is, believe me. The people who've been the most unique and different are the kind we remember the best.

Be a nicer person. So simple and easy. Great, that doesn't help much, or does it? It may seem so obvious, but are you nice to people? You may assume you are. It's easy for anyone to just assume this. It's not like someone wakes up, and decides I am going to be bad to people just for the heck of it. Truly think about how you act to others in general. Do you tend to be rude, impatient, inconsiderate, or not think how others feel, think, or what they say? How do you generally act toward others? Sometimes being shy easily gets mistaken for being rude, or not being very nice. I know it's not real fair, but it's easy for a lot of people to assume. Learn to understand and relate to what others think. That's a better way to evaluate how you've treated them. That's what I've learn to do and it works. Sometimes I've not been very nice to people, when I truly didn't mean to be.

Showing more of your personality. I think a lot of shy people don't come off as lovable. It's not because they aren't, it's just easy for others to make assumptions. They think they are just not real friendly, where it's not true. They are just a little nervous and not real comfortable. Really there's no reason to not be more outgoing. People are extremely receptive to this trait. You don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself, because you in fact are making them feel comfortable and more receptive to you. Don't be too aggressive and outgoing though.

Being funny and showing more humor. I don't want to hear that you do not have a sense of humor, or funny side to you. Everyone of us do. Everyone is capable of laughing and enjoying others in that regard.

Loosen up a bit. Don't be so uptight all the time. If you're constantly being a bit of a safety freak, or always concern about every little consequence. It can be a little draining and not really fun to be around. I understand that consequences are important for the most part. I'm not suggesting you should go off and rob a bank or anything crazy like that.. Don't be afraid to have a some fun and live a little though. Sometimes it's okay to do things you aren't really suppose to do. It's actually healthy. Don't be such a by-the-book kind of person all the time.

Being a good listener. Being able to listen to others problems and offer humble and decent advice. Nothing better than being a good listener, which attracts a lot of people to start to trust you and depend on you more. Sometimes talking constantly is not necessary. Know when to be quiet, and when not to.

Positive attitude. Don't always be dwelling on the negative things in your life. Don't always talk about everything that's going wrong. I've said this numerous times in articles I've written. If anyone is actually a regular reader to them, they are probably getting tired of me sounding like a broken record. Having a positive attitude will get you a lot of things in this life. It will do more good for you than you'll realize. Give it a chance. Learn to smile more, laugh, and just be a positive person. People pickup on these vibes.

Be different than others. Like I explain at the beginning of the article. Do not follow the logic of being more like others, to be loved more. That's the opposite way to do it. Because if you try to fit in, you aren't recognized. You are just like everyone else then. Stand out, be bold, brave and different. That's the most special gift god gave each one of us. We're all created equal, but different. He didn't clone us all. So stand out and be who you really are. Do not do what you think seems like the popular choice.

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