Love Games to Play on the Phone

Keep your relationship alive by playing love games over the phone.Keep your relationship alive by playing love games over the phone.

If you and your partner are long-distance, whether permanently or temporarily, it may be difficult to find ways to keep the fire going in your relationship. Consider love games you can play over the phone to keep your relationship fun. You can learn a lot from each other by playing these flirtatious games, while also having a good time.

Word Association

Take turns asking each other to say the first thing that comes to mind after you've said a word. For example, if you say the word "love," then your partner must answer with the very first thought that popped into his mind, whether that's "you" or "shack." This game will keep you two laughing---and learning odd details about each other.

20 Questions

Create a variation on the traditional "20 Questions" game by choosing something you love about each other or something the other person doesn't yet know about you as the answer. Take turns asking fun and flirty questions.

Would You Rather...

Ask your partner, "Would you rather...or...?" Keep it clean to learn more about your partner's life and dreams, or get silly or flirty. Add a sexy twist by asking about things you might do when you're back together in person.


Ask each other trivia questions about yourselves, if you two have known each other for a good amount of time. Range from easy questions that your partner should know the answer to, to things you may have just mentioned in passing. It's okay if all answers aren't correct; that is the point of the game. This is another way to learn about each other.

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