How to Love & Keep Your Capricorn Man

Almost every woman hopes to eventually find that special someone to have and hold forever. And if that certain man turns out to be a Capricorn, there are a few key things you can do to not only ensure he his happy but that you can keep that man all to yourself! Capricorn men are noted for their loyalty and expect that same returned to them. Trust is a big issue with them, among other traits.

Treat with Respect

Don't play games with your Capricorn man. Not only do they hate to get the runaround and trying to figure out mixed signals, they don't like feeling like you are anything less than loyal. Stay true to your man and let him know those are your intentions. Allow him to feel safe and secure in your relationship.

Show that you are committed. Capricorn men often are looking for a steady and reliable relationship. They can be a bit old fashioned or traditional at times, and they will usually envision themselves down the road happily married and with a loving family.

Be a good listener for your man. Capricorn men can be a bit insecure or unsure at times. Show him that you are always there for him by listening to his troubles and offering any support. Make sure you let him know you will always be there for him.

Hold onto your own identity. Even though you are in a committed relationship, Capricorns will at times crave their own space. Don't take this personally, but know that sometimes your man may just want some time alone or with his friends, and you should give that to him. You too can take the opportunity to keep ties with your own friends and maintaining your own interests.

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  • Capricorn men desire a woman that is both humorous and witty, but smart and knowledgeable as well. They enjoy meaningful and deep conversations and a strong woman who has her own ambitious goals. Yet at the same time there are moments when a good laugh is the perfect tonic to a tough day.


  • Sometimes Capricorn men can seem moody or hard to read. But over time you will be able to recognize the times that they are craving support or instead need their own space.
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