How Does a Love Letter Convey Romantic Feelings?

How Does a Love Letter Convey Romantic Feelings?How Does a Love Letter Convey Romantic Feelings?

Why They Work

Love letters are sometimes the best way to get your partner's attention and show them just how much you love them. They convey romantic feelings by giving the writer a chance to really sit down and put into words exactly what it is about their partner that they love. The ability say these things without fear of embarrassment and knowing that they will not be interrupted can make the writer feel much more confident and be able to tell the old-fashioned romantic truth.

Love Letters

Throughout history, people have written letters to those that they love. It is said that St. Valentine, before his execution, wrote a letter to a young woman who had taken care of him. Many say that this was the very first valentine ever written.

Love letters of old were written by men who were in the army and did not have the benefit of telephones. They would write down their romantic feelings, often knowing they might not make it home. These letters, though they took months to reach the intended, would make the woman feel loved, adored and give her the feeling that no one could love her more than the man who wrote that letter.

The Modern Love Letter

Modern day love letters are written on anything from a romantic greeting card to a computer. Many people like to send special love notes through instant messaging or email. These are often short notes written to let their partner know that they are thinking of them.

For the more creative, love letters can even be written in the form of song, recorded and given to the person they love. This gives the extra special feeling that someone actually sat down and spent time creating a song just so that they would feel special and adored.

Whether through song, greeting card or the plain old fashioned postal service, love letters are one of the best ways to convey romantic thoughts and show someone just how much you care.

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