Love Prediction Games

Have you ever been curious about your future mate? Who is your perfect match? What kind of car will you drive and where will you live? With whom are you most compatible? If you want to have some fun with the future try your hand at prediction games. These aren't always 100 percent accurate, but they never fail to entertain. These games are popular among children and you may have played one of more of these as a child.


MASH, a very popular game, has been played for many years. This game not only predicts the name of your future love, but also what your life with this person will be like. This is a two player game: one player will have his or her future "told" while the other player serves as the scribe, writing down pertinent information.

MASH has six categories that must be filled out, with two or more items per category. On the top of the page the scribe writes "MASH" and below that, the six categories: name, color, car, place, job and number. The scribe then draws a line and asks the other player to say "stop." The number of lines drawn before the player said "stop" will be used to count off the items in the category. First each item is counted, including the letters "M, A, S, H," and crossed out until there is only one item remaining under each category. Circle the remaining item and skip over it when counting off the rest. Continue to do this until there is only one item per category. The items remaining will determine the name of your love, what color car you'll have, how many kids you will have, your career and if you'll live in a mansion, attic, shack or house.

Apple Twist

This game is easier and shorter than MASH. You only need to know the alphabet and have on-hand an apple with a stem. This game only predicts the first letter of the name of your future love so the results aren't crystal clear. With one hand, grab the apple by the stem and with the other begin softly twisting the apple while reciting the alphabet. The first letter of your true love's name will be revealed when the stem pops off in accordance to the letter spoken at the same time.


TRUE LOVE is a game that predicts the percentage of compatibility. On the top of the page write the first and last names of two people. Down the side of the page write the words "TRUE LOVE." Count the number of letters that match up to each letter in the phrase "TRUE LOVE." Add the total from "TRUE," then the total of "LOVE" and write the numbers together; this will give the percentage of compatibility. For example, Tom Thompson and Shelly Smith have, 3 Ts, 0 Rs, 0 Us, 1 E, 2 Ls, 3 Os, 0 Vs and 1 E, "TRUE" equals 4 and "LOVE" equals 6, so Tom and Shelly are only 46 percent compatible.

Add all the numbers from "TRUE" and calculate the total. Do the same for "LOVE", and put the 2 numbers together to get a proper percentage.

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