Does He Love Me Test?

Don't confuse love with infatuation.Don't confuse love with infatuation.

How do you know if a man loves you? What are the signs of true love? The following article will answer these questions.

Is It Mutual?

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Love is not one-sided--it can only happen in the context of a relationship. If you've been admiring a man from afar, there's a very good chance that he doesn't love you. If you want to know if a man loves you, you have to interact with him. Show him that you want to get to know him, and go on a few dates if he seems interested in you. And don't confuse love with infatuation. You may be drawn to him, but that doesn't mean you love him. Love is something that will develop over time; it requires patience.

Don't Hide Anything

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Love is an act of will. It requires two flawed people to dedicate themselves to each other regardless of any imperfections the significant other may exhibit. If you really want to know if he loves you, wear your heart on your sleeve. Don't be a slob, but be honest about your flaws. True love is not shallow. If he knows about your flaws and still expresses his devotion to you, there's a good chance that it might be love.

Love Languages

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According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are five languages of love: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. If your love interest speaks to you through these methods of communication on a regular basis and without obligation, he probably loves you. But remember that love is mutual, and he will probably only speak to you with these love languages if you speak back to him in the same language.

Love and Respect

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Dr. Emerson Eggerichs describes the relationship between a man and a woman as the exchange of love and respect. That is, while a woman needs to feel the love of her man, he needs to feel that his woman respects him. This may sound like a qualifier at first, but a man will not love a woman who doesn't respect him. Of course, a woman will have a hard time respecting a man who doesn't love her, but that brings us back to the necessity of mutuality within a loving relationship. To know that he loves you, you must go out on an emotional limb and express your love for him sincerely. Only then will you be able to find out if he loves you too.

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