How to Make a Guy Ask You Out Without Looking Desperate

Show a man your interest, and he'll be confident enough to ask you out.Show a man your interest, and he'll be confident enough to ask you out.

You've had your eye on a certain guy for quite a while, and you are sure he likes you. Because of shyness, perhaps, or fear of rejection, he hasn't asked you out yet. You might be wondering if he will ever ask you on a date. If you are tired of waiting for him to make a move, you might be willing to do whatever it takes to get him to ask you out. If you don't want to seem desperate or forceful, a few subtle hints will give him the courage he needs to make a move.

Engage in a bit of playful flirting. The simplest way to show your interest is a smile and saying "Hello" whenever you see him. Casually touch his hand or arm when you talk to him. Many men interpret this as interest from you.

Dress and behave as you normally would. Don't try to look like someone else just because you think a man will like it. It will not seem natural, and others will pick up on your discomfort. Dressing in too-short skirts and wearing lots of makeup, if that is not what you normally do, can be seen as desperate.

Listen to what the man has to say. Show interest in his daily life and favorite hobbies. If he thinks you are interested in him, he will be more likely to ask you out. Mention how much you would like to try one of his hobbies someday. He might invite you to join him.

Drop subtle hints that announce "I want to go out with you." For instance, you can mention that you are hungry and can't decide where to go for lunch. The man, if he picks up on the hint, might offer to show you one of his favorite restaurants. This is even easier if the man is part of your group of friends.

Ask him for help with something. If you ask him to help you fix something that's broken in your house, for instance, he might feel that you are asking him because you like him.

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  • Do not repeatedly call, text or email a man whom you like. This behavior can be seen as annoying and desperate, and the man probably will lose interest in you.

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