How to Make a Bedroom More Romantic

As you and your partner begin to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom, the frequency of pleasant bedroom recreation should also increase as the stress decreases.As you and your partner begin to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your bedroom, the frequency of pleasant bedroom recreation should also increase as the stress decreases.

Most of our days are filled with the hustle and bustle of working, caring for family and making sure that all our responsibilities are completed before we fall into bed. It is easy to let the atmosphere of the bedroom slide when you are nearly overwhelmed with daily activities, but by making a few simple changes you can use your bedroom as a romantic retreat instead of just a place to pass out at the end of a long, hard day.

Clean, clear surfaces help you focus on each other rather than on chores still undone.

Clean up. Clutter is distracting and unpleasant. It can also be the source of many domestic spats, as one partner generally takes more responsibility for household chores than the other. Use a large wicker clothes hamper to hold dirty clothes and make placing them in the hamper as easy as possible by putting it in a conspicuous position. Because it has a lid and is decorative, it will actually add more than it detracts from the room. Eliminate complicated dusting by moving knick knacks to guest rooms or other display areas, and keep surfaces clear except for necessities like cuff link trays or a jewelry box.

Clear the walls. Remove posters, family pictures and general clutter from the walls as well as the flat surfaces. While family is important, it can be distracting to have the kids grinning down at you while you and your partner embrace. Keeping the walls relatively clear helps you focus on each other. To keep things from getting too bare, hang one or two prints or an interesting wall sculpture.

Keep colors warm and strong. If your bedroom is predominantly feminine, the masculine half of the partnership may be feeling alienated in his own bedroom. This leads to discomfort and an unwillingness to be in the bedroom any more than is absolutely necessary. Use warm, strong colors like reds, browns and golds to keep things pretty but not overtly frilly.

Enclose the television. Place the television in an armoire or other stand with doors. If the TV is out in the open, the odds are good that the two of you will watch it. This makes for a pleasant evening on some occasions, but there are others when you will have more fun if you keep it from being tempting by shutting it away.

This type of wall sculpture and tea light holder makes a lovely addition to a romantic bedroom's wall.

Hang a few sconces for candles or tea lights. Candles are a wonderful way to make the mood more romantic, but many people also have a fear of setting the house on fire that obviously detracts from their enjoyment of an amorous moment. Sconces with thick pillar candles or tea light holders are good ways to keep the wax and flames contained so that you can enjoy the mood lighting rather than worrying about the location of the nearest fire extinguisher.

Hang some curtains. Block out the noise of the outside world and make your room seem even more like a haven by hanging thick, pretty curtains on the windows so that the two of you can really feel alone.

Keep your lighting options open. Place a few floor lamps around the room. Sometimes you may want to hang out together in the dark, but dim lighting lets you enjoy each other's faces while you embrace. Most people do not like harsh overhead lighting, so keeping a few other lighting options in play will allow you to alter the mood instantly depending on your partner's desires and your own.

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Things You Will Need

  • Floor lamps
  • Wall sculpture, art or prints
  • Wall sconces for candles
  • Thick pillar candles or tea lights
  • Curtains
  • Large wicker hamper
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