How to make Your Coworker Fall for You

Have you ever liked someone you work with? Well, I have totally been there and I think I know some good ideas on how to make him/her fall for you. They've worked for me!!

First, start chatting him/her up in the office. Start off slow. Ask where they are from and where they went to college, easy ice breakers at first. Don't jump into anything too crazy at first. Slow and steady.

Next, ask him/her to lunch. This is good because if you ask a colleague to lunch there isn't a lot of pressure like on a first date. While at lunch, be attentive and interested in what they are saying. Even if you don't like any of their likes or dislikes, just play along, pretend. Try to relate with what they are saying and giggle and try to be as cute as possible. The occasional hand on their hand while your laughing always works. It's rather innocent and not too touchy at first. You don't want to scare him/her away by being too aggressive.

Okay, now you can start showing a bit more interest. Put them on your instant messenger list and drop little things to them during the day. Again, be cute, but not too aggressive. See how they respond to your cute comments and little pet names.

Try to arrange a meeting outside of work. Find out what they are doing over the weekend and try to get together. Invite other people along, so you both won't feel uncomfortable. If you arrange a "date" then start putting on your best moves. Pull out all the stops to make this person be totally interested in you. GO FOR IT!!! Don't be afraid. Go by how they are acting to you and if they seem interested, then show'em what you've got!!!

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Things You Will Need

  • self confidence
  • personality
  • cute outfits
  • charm
  • quick wit


  • Be strong.
  • Go with your gut instinct
  • Be yourself
  • Get some new outfits for work


  • Don't be too charming, you don't want the office to fall for you.

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