How to Make a Distant Guy Fall for You

Trying to make a distant guy fall for you can be incredibly frustrating because it's hard to understand his feelings for you and what's going on inside his head when he seems unable to express himself. Distant men often send mixed signals that can be difficult to decode. With a little extra work, you can get the distant guy of your dreams to fall for you.

Step 1

Don’t smother him. If you do, he'll run. If you bombard him with phone calls, emails and plans every night of the week, he'll start to feel trapped. Give him his space to do his own thing and have time to himself. This shows him that he can have a romantic relationship with you without losing his sense of self.

Step 2

Let him plan dates. Instead of constantly suggesting things the two of you should do on your dates, let him do the work. Men like to take the lead and feel like they’re in charge, so allow him to come up with ideas for your dates, at least in the beginning.

Step 3

Develop a friendship first. Take things slow and get to know each other on a friendly level. Then if it’s meant to be, he'll develop deeper feelings for you in time. This may take some patience.

Step 4

Learn not to take it personally when he acts distant toward you. Try to determine whether there’s a pattern to his distant behavior. For example, if he acts very distant when he’s stressed at work, this isn't a reflection of his feelings toward you but the way he deals with being overworked. If you choose to not be offended by this behavior, he'll see that you’re easygoing and secure, which is attractive to most people.

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