How to Make Your Ex Mad

If you’re looking for ways to make your ex mad without making your revenge tactics noticeable to others, you’ve come to the right place. In order to make your ex mad, you need to be subtle and persistent to avoid making your plans obvious to everyone around you and giving others the idea that you’re bitter.

Act as though you don’t care about the breakup. A good way to make your ex mad is to act as though the end of your relationship was no big deal. Don’t walk around frustrated or angry with your ex. Instead, let him or her know that you’re fine with the breakup and that you think it was for the best.

Flaunt your newly found freedom. It will make your ex mad if he or she sees you having a good time with others. Take every opportunity you can to ensure that your ex sees you having the time of your life without him or her.

Make his or her friends your own. Getting close to your ex’s friends will probably infuriate him or her more than anything else you can possibly do. Start spending time with his or her friends and if you have the opportunity to date one of them, go for it.

Make sure you run in to him or her often. Now that you’ve begun to anger your ex, he or she will feel very uncomfortable every time you’re around. Make sure you’re around quite a bit by frequenting his or her usual hangouts and making a point to talk to him or her every time you run in to each other.

Make your ex mad by embarrassing him or her. Think of the most embarrassing dirt you have on your ex and tell everyone about it or ask him or her about it in front of his or her friends. Just be careful when using this revenge tactic if your ex knows more embarrassing tidbits about you.

Avoid trying to make your ex mad by engaging in illegal activities. If you just want to make your ex mad to get a little sweet revenge on him or her, there is no need to break the law. There are plenty of things you can do to make him or her mad without resorting to dangerous or criminal activities. Following your ex around everywhere he or she goes, spreading lies or threatening him or her will only make you seem unstable and bitter and if these offenses are severe enough, they can land you in jail.

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  • The less noticeable your revenge tactics are to others, the madder your ex will be when he or she tries to explain to others what you’re doing and no one believes him or her.

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