How to Make a Girl Feel Like She's the Only One

Surprise your girlfriend with small, handmade gifts.Surprise your girlfriend with small, handmade gifts.

A successful romance is one of the primary goals that most people aim for during their lives. If you are lucky enough to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship with the girl of your dreams, you probably want to do everything that you can to let her know that she is special and the only one for you.

Step 1

Listen. One easy yet priceless way in which to indicate to a girl that she means everything to you is by listening to her. Give her your undivided attention whenever you can. Show her that you find her interesting and engaging, whether she is talking about her lifetime goals or simply about the day she had at school or work. Avoid interrupting and rushing her. Make sure she knows that you find her more fascinating than anyone else on the planet.

Step 2

Shower her with praise. If you genuinely appreciate a girl, you probably like and love a lot of things about her. Don't keep your thoughts hidden away in your mind. Tell her about them. Make her feel special by complimenting the things that you enjoy about her, from the adorable way she smiles at you and her uncanny ability to cook world-class Italian meals to her top-notch sense of humor and her baseball swing.

Step 3

Show her some classic romance. It's no secret that most girls love the tender side of romance. Be your girlfriend's Romeo. Engage in chivalrous behaviors, such as opening the door and carrying heavy items for her. Send her love letters that pour out your most authentic emotions about her. Surprise her with flower bouquets when she's having a tough day in the office. Take her on last-minute weekend getaways in mountain log cabins. Go out of your way to give your girlfriend a sense of excitement and romance in her life.

Step 4

Be yourself. It is all too common for guys to be so preoccupied with coming across as strong and manly that they put up fronts, especially in front of girls they like. However, this is no way in which to forge a true connection with someone. To make a girl feel special, let her in to see the true you. Be yourself and show a girl how comfortable she makes you feel. Show her that you feel so safe around her that you don't mind acting like a nerd or a softie in her presence.

Step 5

Give her your time. It is understandable that life can get really chaotic, busy and hectic. However, to truly make a girl feel like the only one for you, go the extra mile and make a point to spend time with her amidst your busy schedule -- even if you have to squeeze in 15 minutes on your lunch break to call her "just because" and tell her how much she means to you. Small gestures can go very far in making a girl feel special and loved.

Step 6

Make some introductions. If you want to show a girl that you are serious and that she is the only one, take a step forward and introduce her to your closest friends and family members. This can be a major turning point in a relationship -- in a positive direction that signifies commitment and exclusivity.

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  • Refrain from talking too much about other girls. The last thing you want to do to make a girl feel special is constantly speak positively about other women, especially if they are your exes. Don't try to make your girlfriend feel jealous by comparing her to other women. This will under no circumstances strengthen your relationship -- and quite conversely will probably only hurt it.

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