How to Make a Girl Like You

How to Make a Girl Like YouHow to Make a Girl Like You

If there's a special girl who's attention you are trying to get, look no further. This is a step by step article that will tell you exactly what you need to do to get her to like you.

However, some of these things require some effort on your part. There is no magic spell you can cast to magically make a girl like you. If you are serious about getting this girl, then let's get started!

How to Make a Girl Like You

Represent yourself well! Pick the right hair cut and clothes. See what kind of style the girl is into and try to emulate that style the best you can, while at the same time still BEING YOURSELF. A good way to tell what kind of style of look a girl likes in a guy is by looking at the style she pulls off with her appearance. Is she well groomed and preppy? You better start wearing Abercromie and get a more conservative hair style! Does she dress gothic and wear hot topic clothes? You better start doing the same!

People tend to be attracted to those who are similar as they are, so this of course is the first step.

Now, notice earlier how I said to still BE YOURSELF and capitalized it? I did that for a reason. Girls can tell when you are trying too hard and it turns them off. You really got to find a reason for yourself to have that style of appearance other than just to impress the girl. Just be yourself.

Take care of yourself! We're not only talking about hygiene here, but we're also talking about your physical fitness. I don't care how fat or out of shape the girl is, she expects someone ripped! That's how girls work now days, man. They don't work out that much and they don't really eat super healthy either but they still expect an Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike. I know, it's not fair, but do you want that girl or not?

Then hit the gym and start pumping some iron! Eat the right amount of calories you need to burn body fat while you tone the muscle. Nothing impresses a girl more than a ripped body, trust me.

How to Make a Girl Like You

Be genuine. Notice I didn't say "be nice." Girls don't like jerks, but they definitely don't like "nice" guys. The "nice" guys are who they want to keep as just friends. Going out of your way and bending over backwards will get you NO WHERE with a girl. Girls are going to deny this, but take a look around. See what kind of guys get the chicks.

In order to get a girl's attention you have to send of the impression that you don't really care. Sure, be kind to her and talk to her, but don't act like you desperately are into her. In fact, keep her guessing. Don't send off ANY signals that you are interested in her as anything more than just a good friend. Keep in mind I am not telling you to be a jerky jerk face either!

How do you treat your guy friends? Treat the girl the EXACT same way. This works every time! Remember, if you "supplicate" the girl will never want to have you as anything more than a friend.

A catchy little phrase I like to remember is "He who supplicates masturbates." Excuse the harsh language, but it is true. If you bow down to the girls and treat them like princesses, you're not getting ANYTHING! Just treat them like you do any one of your good old male buddies.

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  • Adapt to her style.
  • Get in shape and take care of yourself
  • Don't supplicate
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