How to Make Girls like you and Get a Girlfriend

Make Girls like you and Get a GirlfriendMake Girls like you and Get a Girlfriend

I wrote an article, for girls. How to charm a man. For some reason that was a bit more difficult, even though I'm a male. Guys are different though and some are quite simple minded. Which means, yes, some guys just want one thing from women. So I couldn't be certain it would work as easy. This is easier, since girls are definitely more open minded than males. Getting a girlfriend is really simple. Don't care who you are, or what you look like. Some of the steps are similar to how to charm a guy. How to attract the opposite sex still varies a bit, though..

Step 1

Get your confidence. You have to be confident, this is why a lot of people probably struggle with getting a girl or guy like I pointed in my other article. If you aren't confident, people sense that, trust me. It can be as simple as how you walk. Seriously, it really can be. Don't cross the line and be cocky, because women HATE this! Cocky is when you constantly brag and talk about yourself. If you aren't confident, find it. Find things that you are good at, and learn to feel good about them. Check my confidence article out for help. I'll post a link at the bottom.

Step 2

Stop worrying over everything. If you're constantly worried that you might say the wrong thing, or might look silly. You aren't going to be confident. Who cares if you say something a bit silly. Honestly, she might even like that a lot. Brush it off and don't worry. Girls aren't going to crucify you over every mistake you make. Chances are they're too nervous themselves to either notice or even really care. Actually, girls like a bit of a vulnerable side to a man.

Step 3

Be a gentlemen. Be decent, but don't over do it. I mean you don't be mean, but don't literally compliment them on EVERYTHING. Don't sit there and make her feel you're more of a "friend" than a guy she'd like to date. Nice guys finish last, the reason why is because they come across as pushovers. This does not mean girls want mean guys. They don't want guys who're pushovers. A guy has to be able to take care of things. A guy has to be her knight and shining armor. They don't view nice guys as that. They view sweets guys in that ball park. You can't charm a girl by strictly being nice. It just won't work. Anyone can be nice, so what? So follow along, men. I'll help you out.

Step 4

Start to dress better and smell nice. Girls love guys who dress like dynamite. Girls do care about this sort of thing, a lot. Really how you dress and smell probably means more than your looks. You don't have to dress expensive, but your style makes a good impression. Hey, I know it seems silly guys, but that's how girls think. If you aren't great on what to where, no problem, ask your mom. JOKING, just messing there. Ask a girl you're friends with, or your sister who you feel has good taste in fashion. For some reason, girls really care about the shoes you wear too. My goodness, my girlfriend was in tears over some ridiculous, 700 dollar shoes she had to take back, when she needed to pay off her credit instead. I couldn't even tell you the name of them. I thought she was insane, but I'm sure most girls would tell me, no, I am. LOL

Step 5

Make sure you don't use pickup lines. They don't work on classy girls. Honestly, if they do work on the girl, she's probably not the kind you'd want to actually spend time with. Not to say any girl they do work on, isn't classy. Didn't mean to offend any women out there. I think most girls will laugh at you(not directly) at their friends if you try to use them. Well, maybe at you if you're a real jerk when using it and say something offensive. Maybe at best, if the pickup line is VERY funny and you are making it clear you're just joking, then it could work in that degree. Otherwise you come across as conceited. She's not just going to go, awwww how sweet. Girls aren't stupid fellas. Don't treat them as if they are.

Step 6

Make sure you're blunt, but never hurtful. If you feel you need to call them out on something, do this. They'll learn to respect you, but not take you for granted at the same time. This is why you can't come across as the "nice guy", you need to come across as the "sweet guy" which there IS a difference. The kind of guy they'll want to tell their friends about. So being blunt and helpful scores all kinds of points. It shows they can honestly depend on you, not just use you as a shoulder to cry on. You don't want just be that shoulder to cry on. You want to show them real results, even if they don't want to hear it. Don't tell her everything she wants to hear, tell everything she NEEDS to hear.

Step 7

Get them laughing a lot! I don't care if you're not funny, everyone has a personality and humor. If you don't know jokes, look some up. You don't even have to say many jokes. Don't even be afraid to poke fun at yourself, and tease her also. AS LONG as you don't tease her about looks, or weight. That's off-limits, but it's okay to tease them about other things. Teasing is a good thing, in an innocent way that is. Nothing hurtful or mean.

Step 8

Try not to believe the hype. Girls are NOT scary, are you kidding me fellas? There's nothing to really fear with girls. At least when it comes to approaching them. There is definite ways to fear a women, but none of it has to do with trying to get a date. Listen, we've all be turned down before. I like to think of myself as a rather attractive male, who's pretty smart and knows what to say. I've been turned down plenty of times. Even if a guy isn't admitting it, chances are they've been said no to, unless they've only asked out a women about three times. There's numerous reasons why a girl can say no. She has a boyfriend, she's just gotten out of relationship, she's honestly not looking to date. Trust me, don't be so easily offended. Also, the girl will not be mean. Forget the movie cliches, girls aren't out to be cruel. I can't say it would never, ever, happen for certainty. I guess maybe if the girl is very young, and immature. But seriously, she's obviously a loser if she'd do that. The problem is clearly hers then. If you are nice, respectful, and ask her out it's okay. She's not going to eat you alive and laugh. Even if she says no, she'll be flattered! Girls are sensitive, guys, they love it when a guy gives them honest and sincere attention. More than just the average booty call, that is.

Step 9

Be different and interesting. Talk about things, anything. Talk about things that are different and a little weird. It's okay to come across weird, girls honestly LIKE that! Show her music you like, that you know most guys don't. Talk about why you like the music. I talk about why I love Springsteen all the time. For young guys, show her a little Springsteen. Show her your sensitive side, not just your macho pride. Girls dig sensitive, it's the ultimate turn-on, trust me. Most guys are too macho to show that side, don't be. Girls are always saying, "gee I wish so-and-so would be more open and sensitive like this guy." This is how you get her wrapped around your finger!

Step 10

Be respectful to her parents. Show you're a respectful person. Be nice to yours, too. This will show her you're a person that respects others and she'll feel confident in a potential relationship.

Step 11

Show them honesty. Open up to her, all the way. Don't lie ever to her! I mean this, they don't care if you're not some superman kind of guy. So don't make yourself out to be something you clearly aren't. This is an easy and simple mistake most guys starting out make. Girls LOVE honesty, because you know why? If you show them that you're honest, no matter what the situation is, no matter what you've done. She'll honestly start to trust you. No girl EVER trusts a guy right away. For a women to fall for a guy, they have to be able trust them and feel secure with them. It doesn't come easy for them, too. They're very careful, and very protective over themselves. They've been used and abused mentally too often, chances are. So if the girl seems a little distant at first, this is why. You have to open her up and make her feel she can pull in completely. Talk about different things, and don't worry if she'll think it's stupid or strange. Show her there's nothing you hide. You'll have her interest in no time.

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