How to Make a Guy Feel Special: 10 Tips

Sharing a homemade treat with him is a way to say you care.Sharing a homemade treat with him is a way to say you care.

As human beings, we want to know that we matter to others and we strive to achieve some special status in the eyes of others, says clinical psychologist Edward Dreyfus in his website article "The Need to Feel Special." You can show the important man in your life that he is special to you in more ways than one. We feel special "when we are singled out for special treatment, given special privileges, receive special favors," says Dreyfus.

Small Thoughtful Gifts

Give him a small thoughtful gift or do him a favor. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant or expensive. Get him two tickets to his favorite sporting event for him and a buddy or take his car to be detailed while he's enjoying an afternoon nap.

Give Him Your Attention

Give the gift of undivided attention to the man in your life by stopping what you are doing when he is speaking, making eye contact and really listen to what he says. Giving him your attention may also mean making time to spend with just him.

Use Physical Touch

Touch him in small and nonsexual ways to show that you care and that he's special to you. A big bear bugs, a graze of a hand or even a friendly hand on a shoulder as you're walking by can cause a connection-boosting reaction, says Isadora Alman, a marriage and family therapist, in her Psychology Today article "5 Ways to Make Anyone Feel Special."

Ask His Advice

If you are confused or upset, ask for his advice. Asking for his advice shows him that you value his opinion.

Share a Memory

Tell him a fond memory that involves him. Remember the time when that old couple spilled their popcorn in the theater and he stopped to help them? Or maybe he did something extra kind to you on your birthday.

Make Him Something

A handmade or homemade gift conveys special meaning to the recipient. Prepare a special meal, dessert or other homemade goodie for the special guy in your life. If you are crafty, make him a manly piece of jewelry, a paperweight or other item. What it is doesn't matter as much as the thought behind it.

Thank Him

The words "thank you" can go a long way to showing you appreciate him. Acknowledge when he does something particularly awesome, or even something routine and mundane that makes your life easier, such as emptying the dishwasher or filling the gas tank.

Event Just for Him

Surprise him with an event centered completely on him. Take him to his favorite restaurant or cook his favorite movie. Go to the theater and let it be "guy's choice," or rent his three favorite movies from the video store.

Be His Sounding Board

Just like you, sometimes he just needs a shoulder to cry on or a set of sensitive ears to listen to him talk about his day. Be a supportive listener by allowing him to vent his worries around you. Don't feel pressured to give advice; just listening will show you care.

Praise and Compliment

Sweet talk goes a long way toward building the feeling of being special. Try "You're looking so handsome!" "You make the best lasagna" or "That spreadsheet was such a good idea." Look for reasons to lavish praise upon him and he will truly feel special.

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