How to Make Him Yours

A few simple approaches help make him yours.A few simple approaches help make him yours.

So you've met a guy who is potentially Mr. Right, and you want to make him yours. Your next strategy is to make him want you just as much as you want him. Remember, you cannot and should not try to change him. You can change how you present yourself and inspire him to become more attentive. Show him the partner of his dreams by being the best you can be and he is more likely to become yours.

Step 1

Be yourself. However you present yourself, make sure it is the honest you. You won't be happy playing a fake you for the rest of your life. Present yourself at your best. Stress your strong points and downplay your weaknesses.

Step 2

Believe in yourself and have the confidence to show it. Men are more often attracted to a woman who has got herself together and knows it.

Step 3

Relax while in his company and remain calm. Do not overreact with especially loud laughter or flip the switch and be too quiet and invisible. Either extreme is undesirable. Overreacting is often a symptom of nervousness. Maintain a centered state.

Step 4

Look your best. This is especially true at your first meeting as first impressions are lasting ones. Always take pride in your appearance and practice routine self-care.

Step 5

Be friendly and smile. Give him a few sincere compliments. Be friendly to other people around you, as well. He will judge you not only on how you treat him, but on how you treat others. Be especially mindful of how you treat waitstaff.

Step 6

Challenge him in appropriate ways. Play a little hard to get. Men seldom desire clingy women. Don't answer every call or accept every date. Show him you have a life beyond him. This strategy will make him want you more. Delay sex and ensure he knows you aren't intimate with every guy who comes along. A girl who is easy is seldom more than a fling.

Step 7

Learn about his likes and dislikes. If you want him in your life, some of these elements will be in your life. Learn about his hobbies and share them with him. Likewise, get to know his friends and be willing to accept them into your social circle.

Step 8

Suggest the occasional low-key, inexpensive date to reduce financial pressure. He'll appreciate it and verify that you are not a gold-digger. Most men appreciate a lower maintenance girlfriend.

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