How to Make the Living Room Romantic

An arrangement of candles adds a romantic touch to a living room.An arrangement of candles adds a romantic touch to a living room.

Romance need not be reserved only for the bedroom; set a warm and welcoming tone for your home by decorating the living room with a romantic theme. A romantic living room will serve as an inviting backdrop for you and your loved ones as you gather and socialize. It can also serve as the location for a date night with your significant other within the comfort of your own home. Combine warm colors and opulent accessories to create a living room that inspires loving.

Step 1

Paint the walls a warm shade of red or pink. Scarlet, ruby, crimson or rose are all shades to consider using for this space. If you have a small living room, paint only one or two walls a shade of red or pink and paint the remaining walls a lighter color or a neutral hue to avoid closing it in with these rich colors.

Step 2

Cover the floor with a soft carpet or area rug. A carpet or area rug with a deep pile creates a soft, pillow-like feeling underfoot, adding to the romantic vibe of this space.

Step 3

Choose a couch and armchairs that are upholstered with a soft fabric, such as velvet, chenille or microfiber. Select a neutral color for these pieces and add a bit of spice with red or pink throw pillows and blankets.

Step 4

Place the television in a cabinet that can be closed, allowing you to hide it when it is not in use to keep it from detracting from the romantic vibe of the space.

Step 5

Cover the windows with floor-to-ceiling curtains. Choose curtains that are made of velvet or satin to play up the romance, or opt for a light and airy sheer fabric, which also creates a romantic feeling.

Step 6

Display pictures of romantic locations, such as Paris or Venice. Incorporate pictures of you and your significant other on your wedding day or honeymoon.

Step 7

Fill vases with decorative flower arrangements and set them out on coffee tables and shelves.

Step 8

Hang candle sconces on the walls. Create a display of tea lights, pillar and taper candles on a decorative platter and place it on a coffee table for soft romantic lighting.

Step 9

Set light fixtures on dimmers so you can lower the lights to set a romantic mood.

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