How to Make a Man Feel Needed

Men need to feel needed by the person they are with. Women sometimes forget how needed men actually 'need' to feel in a relationship. Men have a fix-it attitude, but you can make them feel important and needed in your life on a daily basis. Learn some ways to make your man feel needed today.

Acknowledge the emotional differences between men and women. While women want to be listened to and be given massive displays of affection and love, men need to know you need them for things in your life. They like to feel like your hero and want to be your hero when any problems come up.

Request help when you are doing something around the house. Be aware that women are extremely handy, so stereotypes on who does what in the house these days are outdated. Men like to be involved and possibly will take over the job, so let them. Say you don't understand something and you want them to teach you.

Talk about a problem you have at work. A man will want to fix it immediately and give you suggestions on how to resolve the situation. Most likely they will run over few ideas for you to use. Just listen and say thanks.

Tell a man that he makes you feel special like you have never felt before. Tell him you are so lucky to have someone like him and that no one else has ever touched your heart the way he has. This statement will definitely make him feel needed and loved.

Ask a man to cook with you. Many men love cooking nowadays and like to get into the kitchen. Even if you enjoy the whole kitchen space, start to share it and ask for some help.

Involve a man with your daily work. If you are working on a project and are brainstorming, ask his advice and suggestions for improvement. Bounce ideas off of him. It will make him feel needed and more involved in other parts of your life.

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