How to Make Your Man Want You Again

It's not easy knowing that your man's feelings for you have waned. What do you do if your own feelings continue to remain strong? How do you make your man want you again? You may be tempted to fall prey to discouragement. Don't give up. There is always hope. There is a way to draw him back. With patience and tenacity, you really can reawaken those feelings that he once had for you and make make him crazy for you once again.

Like yourself. If you don't like yourself, others won't want to be around you either, including your man. People who don't like themselves tend to be negative or push others away inadvertently. Look in the mirror and admit out loud that you are priceless. When you discover your own self-worth, the man in your life will be hard pressed not see it as well.

Get a hobby. Is your man feeling smothered because he has become your only reason for living? Sorry, but no one wants that kind of pressure. Quite frankly, it's boring. Pursue outside interests, and you will become more interesting to your man--less one dimensional.

Learn his love language. Everyone on the planet has a love language. It's that one thing that really speaks to the heart and makes them feel appreciated. Does your significant other beam when you take care of his dry cleaning unexpectedly? Does he melt when you lavish him with words of affirmation? Does he come home all smiles after finding a gift in his briefcase or lunch box? Learn which love language speaks to him, and you will ignite a spark that will soon fan the flames again. Pick up a copy of Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" for more information (see Resources).

Be consistent. Prove that he can trust your efforts and that they won't stop when you've regained his unwavering attention.

Don't get complacent. Every day is a new opportunity to impress your man. Show him that he's worth the time and effort it takes to do your hair and makeup. Show him that, no matter how long you've been together, he's still worth the effort it takes to seduce and allure him.

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