How to Make a Man Worship You

Get your man devoted to you.Get your man devoted to you.

Instead of forming a relationship in which your partner has simply lukewarm feelings about you, get your guy to go crazy for you, potentially strengthening your romantic union. Getting your man to worship you as he would a deity isn't an easy task; however, with practice, it is one that you may be able to accomplish. If you are successful in your attempt, you will likely find the effort well worth it, as you will be left with a strong relationship in which you are treated as a princess by your man whom you have trained to want to please you.

Leave him wanting more. Some women, eager to catch a guy, move too quickly, reports "Cosmopolitan" magazine. Instead of seeming overly eager or pushing the relationship forward too fast, move slowly and tantalize your man. By leaving him wanting more you can keep him coming back and likely increase his devotion to you.

Tempt his taste buds. As the adage goes, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Win your man over with some culinary delights by showing him your skills in the kitchen. This can be especially effective if the guy is seeking a classic wife to lay dinner out on the table.

Appreciate his interests. Guys love girls who take an interest in the things they are interested in. Instead of moaning and groaning when your guy flips on a ball game, learn to at least appreciate what he likes. While you likely won't hold the same passion for these interests, he will certainly appreciate your willingness to spend time with him as he engages in his favorite pastimes.

Surprise him. Few people don't love being surprised. Set up a sultry scene in which you can seduce your man when he arrives home from work, slip some notes into his briefcase or send him some romantic clues about what you have planned for the evening via text messages throughout the day. By doing these things you show your guy that you truly care and likely increase the degree to which he cares about you as well.

Give him a massage. Some tender touching can win over any man. When your guy gets home from work or returns from a round of golf with friends, give his shoulders a nice massage, showing him that you care and making him feel good.

Make your esteem known. Don't keep your feelings a secret from your guy, leaving him guessing as to your emotions. Instead, tell him exactly how you feel, giving him the luxury of getting a glimpse into your mind and preventing him from having to guess as to your devotion to him. Once he knows that you truly love him, he may be more willing to allow himself to develop serious feelings for you as he knows he can do so without risking emotional injury.

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