How to Make the Most of Flirting

Flirting is an art that is sometimes learned, sometimes inherited, but regardless of how you learned it or were blessed with the ability, it can lead to very shaky ground if you don't use it correctly. If you're single, flirting can lead to romance and exciting dates, but flirting can also lead to harassment, maybe even love and heartbreak. If you're not looking for love, flirting can be a lot of fun, getting you and the person you choose as a recipient through an otherwise long and boring day. The natural instinct of flirting is found in all societies throughout the world, but doing it right is a talent. Follow these steps to make the most of flirting.

There are right and wrong places to flirt. If you are an office employee, flirting is acceptable at the coffee machine or the water cooler. However, there are ways to flirt without saying a word. A simple, suggestive smile while looking him in the eyes can say more than words.

Be very careful when flirting with an employee that is higher ranking than you. She may not be interested and can cause you to lose your job if she so chooses. Again, a simple smile can say a lot, so give her one of those and wait for her to flirt first.

The best way to flirt with someone you work with and not have to worry about your job is to wait until you're at a party, sporting event or a bar at the same time. This is open territory for flirting and a perfect opportunity to find out if they're interested in anything more than an office relationship without worrying about your job.

If you are a born flirt and want nothing more than to break up the day and have fun, be cautious when flirting. Some people take flirting as an invitation for sex or dating when you don't mean it that way. This is when you have to control the flirting to some extent until you find the men or women who reciprocate in the same way; harmlessly.

Do not pass the invisible line of personal space until you have clearance. Once you have established eye contact with the one you are flirting with and you know interest is mutual, you may step closer to speak to them. Don't rush this step and don't rush into getting too close too soon. Take it slow and easy as it will keep the fire burning and the excitement building.

Touching is a very distinctive way of flirting. It immediately sends a message that you are open to more. Never touch unless you have already established your target's interest. If you are flirting just for fun, use touch only if you and the recipient have already recognized the line of fun and casual friendship.

Flirting can lead to rumors, and you need to be aware of this ridiculous but true fact. There are those who will start rumors and lies when you flirt. It is usually due to jealousy, so be prepared to deal with this if necessary, but only if necessary. If the rumors are causing no harm and it is possible to do so, the best way to deal with it is to ignore it.

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Things You Will Need

  • Confidence
  • Sense of fun


  • If you are open to someone's flirtation do not stand with your arms folded. Body language says more than words.


  • Flirting can lead to crushes and broken hearts. Be careful you don't lead someone on if you have no interest in more than casual flirting. If you think this is a possibility, get to know them a little before you commence.

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