How to Make a Move on Your Crush

It's important to have confidence when asking out your crush.It's important to have confidence when asking out your crush.

Asking out your crush is a necessary first step to expressing your romantic interest and perhaps developing a future relationship. Although there are different approaches that can be taken, you’ll still need to have the confidence and determination to see the process through. Fortunately this can be achieved relatively simply, although it may take time to conquer your nerves and summon up the courage.

Step 1

Have confidence. Although this may be easier said than done, building confidence is nonetheless an achievable objective – and, in fact, vital for most successful relationships and romantic adventures. A useful exercise for gradually increasing confidence is to begin taking more risks in your communication; for example, strike up conversations with strangers and new people. Remember that regardless of whether your crush is also interested in you, he may still be flattered that you expressed your feelings.

Step 2

Consider the alternatives. When you stop and think about the “worst case scenario,” you may realize that it’s either unlikely, or wouldn’t be too bad. Although being turned down would cause some temporary feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness, it’d be nothing compared to the long-lasting positivity that can come from a successful relationship with your crush.

Step 3

Choose an appropriate time. Find a time when your crush isn’t particularly busy or distracted by other activities or people. She should appear to be relaxed, and she should ideally be in a good mood. If you're shy, you might also want to approach her when she's alone, so as not to draw the attention of her friends.

Step 4

Use positive body language. Smile a lot, avoid crossing your arms and allow yourself to feel relaxed in your crush’s company. This relaxation can be picked up on and will often be interpreted as confidence. If you can't seem to relax, practice a quick breathing exercise, taking slow, deep breaths until you feel your tension decrease in your muscles.

Step 5

Ask your crush out. This doesn’t need to be an invitation for a grand occasion, and instead can be a simple indication that you’re interested in him; asking whether your crush would like to get a cup of coffee with you can be a good start. The event should seem casual, so neither of you feel pressured or intimidated by the date.

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