How to Make a Relationship More Romantic

Make a Relationship More RomanticMake a Relationship More Romantic

Relationships are borne out of caring and nurturing acts. Relationship beginnings come naturally and are laden with romantic expressions and settings. Love relationships thrive on intimacy and romance is a big part of that. Making your relationship more romantic is all about recreating the world that first brought your relationship together.

Create a relaxed environment. Stress, activity and tension are not conducive to romance. Creating a relaxed living environment, or bedroom environment is important. Loud color schemes and clutter tend to keep the atmosphere on edge. Dimmer lighting may help a loud color scheme while candlelight is even better. Being able to come home to a relaxed environment is a good first step towards relief from the stresses and tensions of the day.

Elicit and maintain eye contact. That well known saying, “The eyes are the windows of the soul,” is a pretty accurate road map when it comes to drawing out your partner’s genuine self. Eye contact is an instinctual and sensual experience that creates an intimacy all its own. Eye contact is something that can be practiced throughout the day, not just when there’s time for romance. Establishing a connection, or vibe is where romance begins. Eye contact makes this easy to do.

Give and encourage touch. Love pats, and soft caresses can go a long way towards creating romance in your relationship. Romance is as much about promoting innocent touches as it is the more sensual ones. Touch is another way of connecting with your partner, similar to eye contact, but through a different set of senses. Gentle and even casual touches throughout day keeps that romantic connection alive.

Talk about and nurture each others' interests. Words spoken can create a mood and destroy a mood quicker than anything else that goes on in your relationship. Use words, and what you talk about to each other, to your advantage. Asking questions about the things your partner is interested in, initiating activities your partner enjoys or just listening to him or her talk brings you closer together. Expressing an interest in your partner for who they are breeds intimacy and intimacy invites romance.

Laugh as often as possible. Romance in a relationship doesn’t have to be confined to certain times, or scheduled circumstances. Having fun together, even if you’re doing yard work, or painting the house, is a good way to maintain closeness in your relationship. A romantic relationship is something that’s nurtured in simple caring ways whenever two people are together. Not unlike your courting days when everything was fresh and new, romance can come naturally. Laughing as often as possible eases your time together and allows romance to bloom.

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  • Intimacy is about the little things you do for each other.
  • Remembering that intimacy is the precursor to romance will make those special romantic times go smoothly.


  • Never use romance, or sex, as a weapon. Once trust is violated, intimacy is that much harder to come by.

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