How to Make a Road Trip Romantic

The next time you and your significant other take a long trip together by car, don't just add miles to your tires. Use the occasion to rekindle your relationship by turning your automobile into a version of the Love Boat.

Listen to romantic music while on the road. Bring along CDs of your special songs.

Talk about the time when you met and what you first liked about each other.

Plan to have a picnic along the way. Stop at a park and enjoy some relaxing time together. Take a short walk if you you're not short on time.

Bring pictures with you of special occasions. Viewing pictures of your special memories and talking about them will draw you close together and strengthen the bond between you.

Read letters or cards from your significant other aloud to one another while riding in the car or when you stop to rest.

Wear the perfume you were wearing when you met your partner. Scents can bring back memories and add romance to your trip.

Stop along the way and enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise together. Take pictures to create romantic memories.

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