How to Make a Romantic Connection With Women

Connecting with women romantically can be a tricky feat if you haven’t a clue about how to start or where to go. Many times, the things you wish to communicate are perceived in the wrong way by the women you try to convey the message of romance to if you do not know what you are doing. Solving how to make a romantic connection with women is as easy as conveying the message from your heart out from your body to that woman.

Set your sights. Narrow down the field of women you are trying to make a romantic connection with in order to fully concentrate on one, or a select few. Spreading yourself too thin by trying to play the field with too many women will dilute the message of romance that you are trying to convey. If those women find out that you are trying to be romantic with other women they may also become angry or discouraged and be less likely to want to become romantically involved with you.

Do your homework. Romance is something that has to be built and maintained. It can happen overnight but in order to hold onto it, romance must be something that you actively seek to satisfy. Find out what is romantic to the specific woman you have set your sites on. You can often find out what a woman likes or assume what they like through normal conversation.

Pay attention to detail. Simple things often times mean so much, especially to women. Romance often times means paying attention to the things that a woman really wants and being able to provide these things for her. Doing these things unsolicited and often will bring more acclaim and open her heart in ways that you could never imagine possible.

Apply what you have learned. After you have learned what the woman you wish to become romantic with likes, it is time to put it into action. Waiting for someone to prompt you to take action often means you have waited too long. Make sure that your actions are backed by positive emotional investment. This will shine through in everything you do and let the woman know that you are serious about being romantic with her.

Constantly convey the message. Try to effectively communicate with the woman you have chosen to make a romantic connection with. Offer your emotions freely without being overbearing or too whiny. This will give the impression that you are an open honest person and show transparency. Women do not want to be romantic with someone who they feel is not honest.

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  • Romance comes in different forms for everyone and depends on personal preference. Be sure to pay extra attention to the woman’s specific preference.


  • Be sure to know that romance is actually something that the woman wants before putting excessive effort into making your romantic connection.

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