How to Make a Romantic Evening at Home for a Man

A romantic evening at home is a wonderful expression of love. When preparing the evening for a man, there are some essential elements that should be present to maximize his enjoyment of the evening. From the meal to the music, everything should be planned with purpose.

The Atmosphere

Dim the lights and set up candles around the room. Most men prefer unscented candles, so consider using plain tea lights or taper candles.

Play some romantic music in the background. Some examples of romantic music could include John Tesh's Grand Passion or some Chopin Nocturnes. If you know what your partner considers romantic, play that for him.

Ensure privacy by making sure the children are in bed and that there are no other distractions.

The Meal

Prepare a dish that he likes. Unless the evening has been pre-approved for experimentation, it is best to give him a meal he will enjoy. An example might be steak with sauteed mushrooms and vegetables and a pomegranate spinach salad. In that one meal, there are both aphrodisiacs as well as natural proteins that enhance a man's sense of attraction.

Set the table beforehand. Consider using cloth napkins, setting up candles, and using the "special occasion" dishes.

Wash the dishes that were used in preparing the meal before he arrives. This will minimize the amount of clean-up after the meal has been eaten and will help prevent the romantic mood from being interrupted.

After Dinner

Plan an evening event that is fun for both of you. For example, if he enjoys board games, consider playing his favorite game after dinner.

Keep the conversation light and encouraging. Nothing relaxes a man more than having fun without any strings attached.

Offer dessert an hour after dinner. Consider serving some form of chocolate such as brownies or chocolate ice cream for a sweet and romantic treat.

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Things You Will Need

  • Candles
  • Romantic music
  • Favorite foods

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