How to Make Romantic Homemade Gifts for Men

Men can be quite difficult to give presents to. When it comes to giving the man in your life a special gift, you may want to consider giving him one that is romantic and homemade. When you think of romantic gifts, you may think of roses and teddy bears. However, when you are giving a man a romantic gift, you may want to think of one that is a bit more masculine but still requires a lot of thought and sentiment.

Create a calendar of his favorite childhood moments. Dig up old photographs from when he was a child. If possible, get some from his parents and get some advice on which photos would be best. If you do not have the photos digitized, you can take pictures of them and then put them onto your computer. Upload them to a local store's website that has a photo-processing center. Choose the design you want. Have the store print the calendar then bind it. Wrap it up, include a sweet note and present it to him.

Bake large containers of homemade treats. Bake them on a day when he is not at the house and put them in a decorative tin. If you want to make an even larger gift, buy different sized tins of the same shape and put a different baked treat in each one. Write a simple love note, put it on top of the container(s) and finish it off with a bow.

Transfer his old movies from video to DVD. With the invention of the DVD player, many old movies stay unwatched on VHS tapes. Purchase an inexpensive VHS to DVD converter, which you can almost surely reuse at a later date. Transfer the movies to a DVD, label each one and then put each one in an individual DVD case. Find an appropriate sized box, place the DVDs in and then decorate the outside of the box.

Create a tropical paradise in your back yard just for him. Make his favorite food then set out a lawn chair and some magazines or books. For the final touch, make him his favorite alcoholic drink from scratch. There are plenty of books or websites that tell you how to make specific types of alcohol all from the comfort of your own kitchen. Making a mini vacation just for your man will almost surely leave him smiling and relaxed.

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