How to Make a Romantic Mosquito Net Bed

Beds with hanging canopies are the epitome of romance. You can achieve that lovely, romantic atmosphere by installing an inexpensive alternative: a mosquito net canopy. This is relatively easy to install.

Purchase a romantic bed set first, for the color of the mosquito netting should correspond with the color scheme of the bedding. Deep red and gold silk bedding makes for a romantic theme, and black mosquito netting would go nicely with that. If you would like an innocent, newlywed theme, try white bedding trimmed in lace, complemented by a white or pink mosquito net.

Decide where to install the mosquito net canopy. Ideally it should be centered at the head of the bed, but some users prefer the middle of the bed.

Hammer a nail into the ceiling where you wish the canopy to hang, to begin a hole with which to screw the hook.

Twist the screw hook tightly into the started hole using either your hand or a pair of wire pliers (either method might require a bit of effort) until it is screwed in completely. Vacuum up any debris that might have fallen from the ceiling.

Fit the bedding on the bed. Hang the hook of the mosquito net canopy onto the screw hook before arranging the netting to hang as you wish.

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Things You Will Need

  • Romantic bedding
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Screw hook
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mosquito net canopy


  • Push the mosquito netting behind the headboard when you want it out of the way.


  • Don't put the bedding on your bed before installing the screw hook. Some ceilings might release crumbly, dusty debris as the hook is screwed in, and that would dirty the bedding.

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