How to Make a Romantic Scrapbook

Making a romantic scrapbook is a way to preserve memories you've made as a couple. It also highlights a special time in your lives, by commemorating it in a special way. Scrapbook layouts that showcase that time will help you return to those feelings and memories again and again.

Make copies of all of all the photos you think you'd like to use. By making copies, you're free to cut or shape the photo however you please because you still have the original copy to return to.

Gather other items from a romantic time that you want to add to your scrapbook layouts. Use souvenirs like ticket stubs to a movie or the playbill from the play you saw together.

Write personal notes explaining where you were, what you did and how you felt. Sharing your experiences with words will help you capture the sentiments you experienced at the time.

Choose romantic papers for the scrapbooking layouts that work with the memories you're showcasing. Roses, laces and other embellishments will add dimension and personality to the scrapbook.

Lay the photos and other items into place before you secure them in place permanently. Move them around until you're pleased with the effect you created, then adhere them with acid-free tape or adhesive.

Continue to build upon each of the scrapbook layouts. Focus on highlighting one special moment or memory per page. You can make double pages to incorporate larger mementos, like playbills.

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