How to Make Your Room Romantic in Just a Few Hours

Romantic rooms feel relaxing and warm and invite closeness. If you are having a special guest over in a few hours and want to create a romantic ambiance, a few changes here and there can transform a room to a much more romantic space. Candlelight, pleasant sounds and scents go a long way toward helping the transformation. You can make the change without spending a great deal of time.

Small touches transform an average space into romantic space.Small touches transform an average space into romantic space.

Step 1

Put away all clutter. This includes magazines, mail, car keys and other items that provide unromantic visual distractions.

Step 2

Place extra satin pillows on the bed or other furniture. If you do not have satin pillows, use the softest, nicest pillows you own.

Step 3

Set candles in candle holders on the nightstand or other sturdy, flat surfaces. Place a lighter or matches nearby so that you can light them when you are ready.

Step 4

Place a few drops of essential oil in a bowl. Romantic oils include sandalwood and jasmine, but use whichever scent you enjoy the most.

Step 5

Pick romantic, soft music and set a stereo or other music device in the room to play it quietly.

Step 6

Put a vase or two in the room, and add a long-stem red or pink rose to it. In the bedroom, place the roses on the nightstand or dresser. In other rooms, place the roses on a coffee table or end table.

Step 7

Drape soft red or burgundy throws over chairs and other furniture. This gives the room extra romantic warmth.

Things You Will Need

  • Satin pillows
  • Candles
  • Lighter
  • Matches
  • Essential oil
  • Bowl
  • Classical music
  • Stereo or any device that plays music
  • Vase
  • Red or pink rose
  • Red or burgundy throws

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