How to Make Someone Miss You

A reflective woman sitting alone on a bed with a mug.A reflective woman sitting alone on a bed with a mug.

Wanting someone to miss you the way you miss them is normal and common. To do it without sacrificing your dignity, you have to practice some restraint and some acceptance. Keep in mind that the best way to make someone miss you may be to stop missing them ... and if that doesn't work, at least you have a head start on moving on.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Fortunately, this old folk wisdom is somewhat true. In a 2013 study in the Journal of Communication, psychologists Crystal Jiang and Jeffrey T. Hancock found that couples in long-distance relationships found greater intimacy than those in close proximity. This can also apply to making someone miss you. By giving your lover space, you're showing that you respect him and his decision. So resist the urge to text or call daily, or even hourly, in the event of a breakup or separation. A little restraint goes a long way.

Leave a Piece of Yourself Behind

If you have a chance before a breakup or separation, try to leave a little something behind. This could be as simple as a necklace or perfume, but also can be symbolic like a ring. Leaving behind something can hint at a reconciliation and keep you in your beloved's thoughts. Rich Santos notes this in one of Marie Claire's Sex and the Single Guy entries: "As part of a pair, an earring is represents temporary separation, and hints at reuniting down the road."

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