How to Make up After a Fight in a Long Distance Relationship

Making up after a long distance fight is more challenging compared to making up in person.Making up after a long distance fight is more challenging compared to making up in person.

Keeping a relationship going strong is challenging at times and involves the willingness of both people to communicate well and understand the feelings of one another. Fights happen during periods of time in a relationship, and can generally be resolved by sitting down and working through issues. For those in a long-distance relationship, making up after a fight requires a more coordinated effort and an attention to heightened communication skills.

Step 1

Cease communication until you have calmed down. Avoid calling, emailing, instant messaging or texting the other person until you are ready to move on past the fight and make up. If you continue to fuel the fight through communication, the process of making up will be harder.

Step 2

Call the person directly to talk. Leave a message if the person does not answer. Follow up with an additional phone call in a few hours if you do not receive a response. Say in your message that you are sorry and no longer wish to fight.

Step 3

Send a picture of yourself, a favorite place the two of you enjoy going to or a picture of something special to both of you. Send the picture by text message or email with a note stating that you want to make up.

Step 4

Talk to the person and work through the problem. Talk calmly and be specific when giving your apology. Understand that without being in person, you cannot rely on body language to help convey the message of being sorry.

Step 5

Send a handwritten card or letter after you have discussed the fight and have started the process of making up. Send a gift or flowers, making sure to use the fastest delivery method possible.

Step 6

Plan a trip together or make arrangements to go visit the person as soon as you possibly can. Opt for an immediate surprise visit if possible.

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  • Do not excessively call, text or contact someone who is not responding to your attempts. Understand that every person takes a different amount of time to recover from an argument and some people are not ready to communicate immediately following a fight.
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