How to Make a Vacuum Bra

Many women who have used breast pumps when they were nursing their second child but not when they were nursing their first child noticed that their breasts would often enlarge more than a full cup size after continuous use. This led to the development of the vacuum bra. Though marketed under many different names, the vacuum bra is essentially an adjustable vacuum connected to two plastic cups which are held over the breasts for an hour or two each evening before bed. Though long term studies have not yet been performed, this method is believed to naturally increase breast size over time as the suction temporarily reduces air pressure placed on the mammaries and allows them to expand as the body's natural internal pressure pushes outward. Most women experience an enlargement of up to a full cup size in the first 2 weeks; though much of this is just swelling. With continuous use women will retain more than 55 percent of their immediate growth. The only problem with this method is the cost. Most vacuum bras cost in excess of $3,000. The cost of breast enlargement surgery is often less than this. The alternative is to create a home made vacuum bra; it may not be pretty, but it does the exact same thing as the commercially sold versions.

Begin by making sure that the small ends of the funnels fit snugly inside the ends of your PVC elbow joints. Paint adhesive on the ends of the funnels and slide them into the elbow joints. Paint another layer over the top of the area of the funnel which connects with the joints to make sure that they will be airtight.

Set the funnels aside for a moment and take up the PVC pipe. Use your measuring tape to mark out two lengths, each 6 inches long. Use your hacksaw to cut the pipe in half and make sure to trim the edges of the pipes free of any loose plastic scraps afterward.

Use more adhesive to connect the pipes with the Y joint in the same fashion as you did with the elbow joints. Again make sure the seal will be airtight by painting the outside of the joint with adhesive as well.

Connect the other ends of the pipes to the other ends of your elbow joints using the same double layer adhesive method, making sure that the funnels are both arranged to point away from the Y joint. You should be able to place the open ends of the funnels flat against the ground and the back of the Y joint should point to the ceiling. Once all the seals are dry you are ready to fit the back of your Y joint into the vacuum extension hose. You could adhesive this in place if you’ve got a spare hose so you can still clean with your vacuum when you want to. But I would suggest a few solid layers of duct tape where the back of the Y joint fits into the hose. This also allows you to adjust the suction pressure at will if it’s initially too strong by simply poking a hole in the tape to divide the suction across three ports instead of two.

Use your vacuum bra by fitting the funnels to the bare chest and connecting the hose to the vacuum. A whisper quiet model vacuum cleaner would be a good thing to have so the noise doesn’t bother you after a while. After starting, the force of the suction should be enough to keep the device attached to the chest without the aid of straps if you’re sitting or lying in bed.

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Things You Will Need

  • 2 funnels
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Detachable extending vacuum cleaner hose
  • Duct tape
  • PVC adhesive
  • PVC Y joint
  • 2 PVC 45-degree angle elbow joints
  • Hacksaw
  • Measuring tape
  • 1 foot PVC pipe

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