How to Make a Woman Pursue You Without Saying A Word

There is nothing really simple about the dating game. Men and women think so differently about so many things, it is pretty much impossible to predict how the opposite sex will react to certain things. But there are some fairly easy ways to get the attention of a woman that you find attractive without even saying a word to her.

Pay attention to your appearance. Whether it is in the grocery store, at a social event, a bar or any other venue, the first thing a woman is going to notice is your appearance. You don't have to be the sexiest or most handsome man on the planet but it is a good idea to be sure you are clean shaven, your hair is combed, and you are wearing clothing that is not stained or wrinkled. A woman will decide within the first 15 seconds of seeing you whether or not she may be interested. So be sure to make that first impression a good one.

Make eye contact. Try not to look at your feet as if you're shy or, worse, look up and down her body like you are giving her the once over. Look her right in the eye and smile. And learn the difference between a friendly smile and a smile that is "leering". Even if you are very physically attracted to her, stay away from giving her that look. Women are very familiar with that and it is an instant turnoff. Smile like you are a friend.

Be aware of your body language. Avoid sitting or standing with your arms crossed. That is a very closed off posture. Keep yourself open, and don't turn your back to her if you really want her to pursue you. This does not mean that you stare at her incessantly. It just means you are giving off the signal that you are open to her approach. Actions speak louder than words!

Begin watching her body language, and mimic some of her gestures. This might sound strange, but many psychologists give this same advice when they are talking about meeting members of the opposite sex. If she is sitting with her chin rested on her hand, you do the same for a moment. When she picks up her drink for a sip, you do the same. Just watch the little things. Now you have to make this subtle. Don't look like you are a puppet. But when you match those little gestures, it creates a subliminal message, and you have a good chance of making a connection. This one may take some time to get comfortable with. But it does work.

Find a way to get by yourself if you are with a group of people. If she is interested and wants to pursue you, she is going to be a lot more intimidated if you are surrounded with a bunch of friends. Keep that friendly eye contact, move away from your group, and you should be able to encourage her to approach you.

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  • Keep calm and confident. Everyone is different, and this may not work every time you try it but giving off that calm aura will help.
  • Give it time. Do not expect a woman to pursue you within the first 15 minutes of seeing her. She needs time to feel comfortable.
  • If she is with other women friends, do not try to get their attention. She will know that in a heartbeat and then it's game over.
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